Working at Mazars ensures you a spirit of innovation that leads to great success

Working at Mazars ensures you a spirit of innovation that leads to great success


With the reference to a survey conducted by William M. Mercer, merely 8% of employers have policy of using fun and freedom of expression to reduce employee stress. If an employee is of the opinion that they will get into trouble for working on new projects when they should be focusing on their ‘real job’, then that is hardly the most conducive environment for intrapreneurship or creativity.

Intrapreneurship: Entrepreneurship within a corporation

In this case, Mazars makes sure it is known widely but staff at all levels that we are happy for them to work on ideas that are of benefit to the business, either directly in the shape of new products and services, or in marginal gains via increased efficiency etc. We believe that a united front from senior staff members is a great way to encourage employees to try new ideas.

At Mazars, nothing can be as motivating for a staff as the opportunity to present new ideas to senior management, and a sense of independence is essential for keeping employees happy and staff turnover low, most pertinently for those with intrapreneurial tendencies. This is why David Nosibor, Innovation Evangelist at Mazars Asia Pacific initiated MazarsforGood Innovation Challenge, that aims to inspire young entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs from 20 to 30 years old, willing to make an impact with an innovative product, service or process using technology and design thinking that can change companies for good.

“At Mazars, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We are indeed quite a young organization recruiting a heavy load of young graduates around the world. This is why it just felt natural for us to strongly support and enhance innovative initiatives which could come as inspiring to change the world – that is to say people, the society at large or businesses.”  – Laurent Choain, Chief People & Communication Officer at Mazars Group.

David Nosibor

This CNBC interview with David Nosibor is telling the story about him before taking the Innovation Evangelist role at Mazars, based in Singapore. David Nosibor was offered a job to foster innovation at his company where more than 75-percent of employees are millennials. However, there is no easy answer for this. David Nosibor understands that Millennials (aka Gen Y) might have different experiences and perspectives when they come to different career stages. He clearly knows that Millennials are not going to stick around a company for so long but to look for better opportunity in life.

Despite that, he believes that the implementation of intrapreneurship can change the world for the better by empowering, inspiring employees and giving them the resources to become corporate entrepreneurs.

“They must be empowered to learn and dare to innovate within & beyond large organizations, impacting all stakeholders and creating shared value.” – David Nosibor, Innovation Evangelist at Mazars APAC.


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